Sunday, March 3, 2013

Prepper Water Facts on Outlaw Secret solar water wells

We all know water is a must. More water equals more comfort, less water equals less comfort. No one can carry enough bottled water to wash with, cook and clean. If you cant keep things clean, thats why 1000s die in Africa. The need for more water, means you need your own secret solar water wells.  With new DIY drillcat drilling technolgy drilling a secret solar or hand pump water well is not hard. Do your homework. Would you rather have a extra used car in the drive way, or a Drillcat portable M-60 Drilling rig. With the ability to drill a 150ft solar well in 6 hours or less, this is a great investment. Hands on training is the Key. This equals success. The average family uses 400 gallons per day of water. So how can anyone thing bottled water would work.  Bottled water would work for hours or days, BUT not weeks or months. The average solar well in full sun will pump 2100 gallons per day. With other Off gride systems you can pump 24hr per day.  With a gallon of water weighing 8.3 lbs per gallon and 400 gallons per week average use per family, your looking at total water weoght of 3320lbs of water. This is 1 1/2 tons of water, No way to transport this kind of water volume. The only smart thing to do is, have your own secret water well. For more details, and info go to

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